I wish I had read these reviews BEFORE I wasted $316

I wish I had read these reviews BEFORE I wasted $316!!!! My experience sounds awfully familiar to the several I have just read. Was quoted $80 for them to come out and assess the problem, but once in my home, the cost jumped to $280 and they had my husband sign a waiver that said they would try to fix the problem without the part. Less than one hour later, the repair guy was gone …and by gone, I mean on vacation, unbenounced to us, as he promised he would not leave us hanging and would order the part. 3 weeks later, I called the company, learned he was on vacation , and then told they could not find my part. WHAT?????? So, naturally, I asked for a $200 refund and agreed to eat the $80 cost I had been originally quoted. The woman I spoke with in customer service actually told me that “everyone deserves a vacation”. I was so pissed. I attempted to tell her that his vacation was not the issue; but rather the fact that I was in fact “left hanging” for three weeks and that even when I had taken the initiative to call, I was told that the part could not be found. She told me that the $280 was for the assessment and the work he had done. When I asked for clarity as to what he had done, she told me that she was not a technician and could not tell me the exact wording. I then asked to speak with the technician, but was refused this as well, and I was told it was agains their policy.

The story continues almost one month after they originally came out and my fridge remains broken……

I plan to call the Better Business Bureau this evening. I can’t believe I was so naive. I have never ever experienced such theft and horrendous customer service.

Approximate cost of services:

Gabe N. Vaughan, ON