This was a brutal experience

This was a brutal experience. They required $80 to look at the dishwasher, and said that it was the supply line. They quoted $300 to refit the line to stop the leak. When this didn’t work, they quoted another $225.00 to get a line and replace it. This despite the fact that this is a standard line and costs $9.79 at Rona. I didn’t believe it was the line, and refused. Sure enough, visual examination of the leak proved that it was a valve. I fixed it myself in an afternoon, including the travel time to a supplier.

I complained to the company, and they stated that we had been fairly quoted, and that had we paid for the repair, there would have been a warrantee. She stated that $550.00 is a fair price to diagnose and replace a $10.00 hose, since they warrantee the repair. But when I cross-examined her, she admitted that there is no warrantee on labour. They would only have credited the ten dollar hose. We would have had to continue paying more labour while they again tried to diagnose. I can only estimate that the repair would have cost on the order of $900.00, if they had managed it at all. My recommendation is to use any company other than this one.

Approximate cost of services:

Mike M. Burlington, ON