This is a scam

This is a scam. I am so upset that I didnt read the right reviews before calling, I was in such a hurry for my tenants fridge to be fixed that I ended up reading reviews on their own site without realizing it (obviously not real reviews). I have called Master Card and will be doing whatever I can to dispute this charge and make it known that these are scam artists. I spoke to two other repair companies that knew them and said they continue to open up under new names when the pressure gets too big…he even suggested that they arent likely real repair people. The guy that came to my place opened the fridge and closed it in less than a minute. He told me some gobble-dee-goop about what was wrong, said he could fix it for the 280 without parts but then as he was pretending to fix it, he said ‘oh no there is a gas leak, it is the compressor and will cost you $1000k for the new compressor. By the way, the part costs $200.

Approximate cost of services:

Estelle M. Toronto, ON