STAY AWAY FROM Appliance Repair Guys

Unfortunately I did not check this site prior to having Appliance Repair Guys, come to my home to look at my range. When I called I told them ahead of time that we had two burners on my stove that do not work and need changing. They said it would be $80.00 charge to come out, the receptionist repeatedly stated it would be $80, I assured her I understood and that as long as they are reputable I won’t mind paying the charge. She assured me they were and have been in business for a long time. A technician came and again I told him the two burners need changing, at this point all he would have had to do was to look for the model # and order the part for installation. Instead he said he had to pull out the range and look into it. We reluctantly agreed with the understanding that all the labour paid today (March 31/16) would cover the installation of any part that may need changing. He opened the stove top and concluded that yes I was correct two burners need changing. He then told us that the model # could not be seen on the stove and without it they couldn’t get the parts. He could have told us that at the onset bc he check but instead he went forward with the pulling out of the stove and charged me for it.

I asked the technician over and over again, infront of two witnesses, whether the installation of the parts (which he said his company was good at finding even without the model number was missing) was included in the payment I was making today of $316.40. He with out hesitation said “absolutely when the person comes to install your parts you pay nothing for the labour only the parts!” I reluctantly signed the bill and paid the charge. I had a bad feeling about doing so but trusted his word! I’ve learned a lesson, costly one.

I decided to help in the search of the parts since we only had a part number for the model. I called Frigidaire and they told me, using the part number I did have, that it was a 1999 stove and gave me the remaining part of the model number that was missing. They also recommended a supplier that deals with older stoves. I contacted them and they found the parts. i then followed up with Appliance Repair Guys and told them I found the Model # and parts and would simply need them to contact the supper get the parts and come do the job. The receptionist, was hesitant to take down any information and kept saying that their parts people would contact me. No one called. I then called again on April 5th – this time the customer service manager said that they couldn’t find the parts and also explained that there is an extra charge for parts and labour to install the parts. My husband and I both explained what the technician had said and that this is what we expected. She kept repeating that we misunderstood. I told her I repeated my understanding to the technician and he said without hesitation that the labour to install the parts was already paid in the March 31/16 payment. She would not relent and kept repeating that we misunderstood. I asked to speak with the person above her, she said the owner does not speak to customers and “that is why he has a customer service manager!” She was very abrasive and seemed to have had this type of call before. Her responses were well rehearsed.

I did read over all the paperwork after this call and I realized where they “got us!” the technician asked us to sign a small piece of paper that said Labour Quote Approval before the work was started. I wish we had read the fine print. Basically this paper stated that they do not guarantee to fix your problem and that if any parts have to be obtained you (the customer) are responsible for part and additional labour. This is totally the opposite of what the technician tells you verbally. So be careful. I wish I had not called this company at all and that I had NOT paid them since what the technician did was nothing.. my stove still has two burners that don’t work. What they did was not sufficient. I should have not paid them and let them take me to court instead.

By the way I told the customer service manager that I would contact the BBB she was not moved. After coming on this site and seeing the terrible reviews I called them back and told them, their response was “we don’t go by the BBB!”

STAY AWAY FROM Appliance Repair Guys

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Natalie S. Toronto, ON