I reluctantly decided to go ahead

I called January 5 and got an appointment for January 8. I was told that it would be $80 for a service call but that would go towards any work that I chose to have done. I thought I had clarified the details of this arrangement on the phone prior to booking. However, it turns out that it costs $280 to have the technician even look at the appliance. I was pretty sure that the burner on my oven needed to be replaced and tried to get some idea of how much he would charge me if that was the case. He replied that sometimes they can fix things without getting a new part and would not tell me approximately how much it would be if I did need a new part.

So, I reluctantly decided to go ahead. (I wasn’t sure that someone else would save me more than the $80 it had cost just to have him show up.) Ten minutes and another $200 later, he tells me I need a new burner. Total bill: $725 ( I have a Kitchen Aid.)

He had to order the part which did not get installed until Mar.9. (I’m a stay-at-home mom with lots of availability. The delay was not on my end.)

Approximate cost of services:

Naomi S. Richmond Hill, ON