Please think carefully before using this company!

Please think carefully before using this company! Our Bosch dryer stopped working and at the time we could smell burnt rubber so we guessed it was probably the belt that had broken which is why it stopped? We told this to the person that took our call and the repairman. We were charged the $280.00 for the repairman to come out and tell us that he thinks it’s the control board that is damaged on our Bosch dryer. It would cost $875.00 for a new control board plus his labour charge but then he couldn’t be sure that was indeed the problem? So be prepared to pay more if that wasn’t the case! We told him that sounded excessive! He told us that was the problem with foreign makes like Bosch the parts are very expensive! Which is why he only buys domestic appliances. He was surprised when we told him we would have to think about it.

We called Bosch directly (don’t know why we didn’t do that first??) the repairman came took a look said it was the belt that had broken. Unfortunately he didn’t have a belt with him and that he would have to come back, he did not charge us for the visit and estimated the belt would cost $100 plus his service rate of $99.00.

Interestingly the Appliance Repair Guy forgot his ‘Bosch’ screwdriver but hasn’t returned to get it?

Approximate cost of services:

Cedric S. Toronto, ON