Please, do not ever call this company

Please, do not ever call this company, ever. My Whirlpool stove, only 1.5 years old, died. I need my stove as I cook a lot. So, out of desperation, I looked them up and called them because they promised to come the next day. What a colossal mistake. These guys are con artists. Same old story as everyone else — told $80 bucks at first, which would be waived if they could repair it on site. Surprise surprise, $80 bucks turned into $280 bucks. The tech claimed that he fixed the computer board by “soddering” it, but he would have to order an element. He charged us $469 for “fixing” the control board and for a deposit on the element. We agreed to it, but we realized later on that it was a total scam. I called them up and cancelled the order for the element and asked for my deposit back, which they agreed to (haven’t seen that money yet). We got another technician from a reputable company to come in. This guy showed me that all you have to do is to run a diagnostic test, and the code comes up as to what is wrong with the stove. It needed both an element and a new computer board, which the first scammer never told me because he didn’t even run a diagnostic test on it. I was absolutely furious at this so I called Appliance Repair Guys and demanded the full amount back since their tech lied that he fixed the control board in the first place. Of course, they refuse to refund all of my money. Moral of the story — these guys are liars do not ever call them, they will lie right to your face! If I could give them a zero I would.

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Nancy W. Kitchener, ON