Mr. Repair Guys I hope it comes to bite you in the ass

Wow, who knew that a simple repair job to my stove oven would send me and my family in a tail spin! After calling these Appliance Repair Guys, (or more apropo, Appliance Repair Scammers) we were advised that the relay board had to be replaced at a cost of $681.70 and the $ 80.00 service call that was to be absorbed as part of the labour charges which now blossomed to a whopping $340.00. Also on the invoice provided was a notation: “Also need more parts”. The other parts were yet to be determined. The total so far was $1,154.52 and I was told to pay $769.36 up front as they did not stock the relay panel which was to be ordered.

I had a gut feeling about this company but ignored it till a few days later when the repairman called and advised that in order for the “new” relay control board to work, the old one had to be removed and linked blah, blah, blah, with the new one. I have NEVER heard of this B.S. before! I knew exactly what they wanted to do, that being, take out and refurbish the old board and charge it as new.

Well now I’m furious! My stove is Dacor, so I called the company and spoke with their customer service, they advised that the old board is not required when installing the new one. I was further advised that the cost of a new board is $323.21 and these boards are on backorder for at least 3 months plus. (I was charged $681.40, talk about a mark-up!)

Also a refurbished one cost $109.00. Simply put, they could not even purchase the control board if they wanted to.

In frustration, my husband contacted Visa and explained that we had been charged for parts and service which were never provided, and thankfully the Visa people are reversing the charges.

After this shock to my system I started googling information on this company, reading about one scam after another posted by innocent consumers. How sad!!! The Better Business Bureau had a warning on this company and a rating from A to F. Guess what their rating was? Yes, F!

What angers me most is, why there is no government body that looks into these shady companies that scam people and when it catches up to them they simply close down the business and re-open under a new name. This is what happened with Appliance Repair Guys as they were previously known as Appliance 4 Repairs which closed down in 2011 and re-opened as Appliance Repair Guys.

Oh why oh why didn’t I think of doing all this research back then, I guess it’s because honest people just don’t expect all this bru ha ha over a simple repair job.

The rating is 1 to 5 stars, where the hell is the zero!!!

I believe in KARMA and Mr. Repair Guys I hope it comes to bite you in the ass!!!

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Maria V. Caledon, ON