You might try recommending them to your worst enemy

They fixed the problem but should have known it would be a problem when they said it would be $80 for the call plus $30 for every 10 minutes the technician was there. The technician charged me $170 for an igniter that costs less than $60 anywhere. He also wanted to replace the “Solenoids” and was going to charge me $85 for those but later determined that there was nothing wrong with them. $470 for a 1 hr service call and one part. Definitely stay away from this company and if you’re too late like I am make sure you post everywhere you can so other people know how unethical these people are.

Just found their profile on the BBB –…

They have 166 complaints and 88 of them are unresolved. You might try recommending them to your worst enemy.

Approximate cost of services:

CoolHand J. Toronto, ON