Have just been scammed in the same way

Have just been scammed in the same way. Quoted over $450 for a $71 part. Didn’t even try and see what it was just a guess and if I had paid, I would have been in the same boat as so many other people who were scammed on your site. I should have read up on this company before. Oh well it is the last $90 they will get from me. Shame on you Appliance Guys. I didn’t have the money to waste on your BS. And my machine is still broken. I hope your work ethic catches up to you. And the “same day service” is a lie. It took them 4 days to arrive. Was told the part would take a week to order. I called the supplier and they had plenty in stock just around the corner.

Chose these guys at your peril and watch for the suspicious false positive posts.

Approximate cost of services:

Malcolm R. Burlington, ON