Highly unethical

Highly unethical. We were told over the phone that the service call would cost $80 not including parts. When the repairman arrived, he insisted he could not proceed without us agreeing to a $280 diagnostic, despite us being fairly confident that the heating coil was broken (a clearly visible defect). The final bill was well over $400, and as we had guessed, the heating coil was the only thing wrong with the dryer (and it was clearly snapped into two peices). As far as we can tell, Sears would have performed the same repair for about $200.

They also refuse to accept Visa or cheques, taking only Cash or Debit. I’d hazard this is because Visa provides some protections to its consumers, and they likely would be flooded with chargebacks. While they did fix the problem in the end, I would strongly recommend anyone with a broken appliance check yelp for a more trustworthy repairman.

Approximate cost of services:

Ben S. Toronto, ON