a company who will advantage of those who are elderly

On November 10 2015 a repair technician from “Appliance Repair Guys” came out to tell our 86 year old trusting mother that her washing machine was still in good shape could be repaired and that the repair would also come with a warranty. The technician indicated he serviced the timer and motor on his initial visit but subsequently informed her he now had to return for a belt replacement!. THEN……it took over 3 weeks for him to return (The total charge now grew considerably after work had already been started……$584.21 !!)

On December 23rd 2015 the same service technician returned to install the belt and shortly after left hastily without showing the receipt he left on the table for the work completed (didn’t even say goodbye to mom).

When her caregiver showed our mom the receipt there was a note saying that ‘The motor is becoming weak’ and that she would have to pay $254.86 to have it replaced. When her caregiver went downstairs to do a load the washing machine was not functioning at all. When we called the company and said we needed them to come back to fix it they said it would cost another $254.86 for a new motor and this was a special price as a ‘favor’ to our mother. When we said this was unfair….. the lady on the phone became very hostile and rude and said SHE HAD NO INTENTIONS OF DOING ANYTHING UNLESS YOUR MOTHER PAID THE EXTRA MONEY. How low!….a company who will advantage of those who are elderly and disabled and cannot fend for themselves.

Approximate cost of services:

Walter S. Birmingham, United