scam: How to get your money back

Dear readers,

I sincerely hope that you’re not here because you have fallen victim to But if you are, there is hope. I was able to get most of my money back within a week by following the steps as outlined below.

If you have not heard of this company before, let me fill you in. They operate in the GTA (Toronto), Hamilton, Barrie and Oshawa. They are based in Vaughan, Ontario and owned and operated by Chen Kachovi (Interestingly enough, if you google him, you will find nothing).

This is how they operate:

  1. They charge $80 to send a technician.
  2. The technician will look for a minute at your broken appliance and then state that in order for him to get a proper diagnosis of the problem, he will have to open up the machine and that this is considered labour so you will be charged extra for it.
  3. He will draw up a contract/waiver for you to sign outlining the “labour” charges and the cost for each. This is what mine was, for a broken washing machine:
    • Watering system: $112
    • Mainboard/Timer: $98
    • Safety system: $70
    • Total: $280 (yes, this is the “magic number” that is calculated with every single case)
  4. He will tell you that he will deduct the $80 initial fee if you give him the go ahead to service the machine. You do the mental math and think “$280 – 80 = $200. Worth it to get my machine working again”. You sign the waiver.
  5. He spends about 10 minutes taking the machine apart to look at it, then states that you need to buy a replacement part at an exorbitant cost (ex. $408.88 for a latch and lock assembly which is $97.33 online). Oh, there will be labour fees on top of that.
  6. When you balk, he claims that he warned you beforehand about additional costs and you shouldn’t have signed the waiver if you weren’t willing to spend more money to get it fixed. And that collections services will come after you if you don’t pay what you owe right now ($280).

At this point, you will pause and wonder “Is this guy a scammer? But he seems nice! Well, it’s a lot of money, but I guess this is how most companies operate. Plus, I did sign the waiver so I’ll do what decent people do and honour the contract”. You give him your credit card and he rings it through. If you’re really unlucky, you will have given him the go ahead to order the needed part, too. Thankfully, I didn’t.

He leaves. You are $316.40 dollars poorer and your machine still doesn’t work. You go online and your stomach sinks when you start to read the abysmal reviews and articles written about this company:

As of today:

  1. Homestars: 502 negative reviews, .6/10 rating (that’s less than 1/10 btw)
  2. Better Business Bureau: “F” rating
  3. Ellen Roseman/Toronto Star article
  4. TrustPilot reviews: 28 reviews, 100% bad
  5. 35 bad reviews (yes, this is the same company, different name)
  6. SiteJabber: 10 reviews, all bad
  7. Google reviews: 102 bad reviews (google “ reviews”, scroll down to the right, click “View all Google Reviews”

OMG, you think. I got hosed. Big time. How do I get my money back? You call your bank right away. They tell you there’s nothing they can do. You call the company and they tell you the technician honoured the contract you signed, so, sorry. They might offer you a $35 refund if you call more than once.

I decided to follow the advice found on, a website set up by another victim of this company. He suggested filing a consumer complaint with Consumer Protection Ontario. Wisely, the crooks at will respond once you set the ball in motion here because they do not want to be shut down.

Before filing a complaint you must write a letter to the company. Email the letter to and in the subject line write: Complaint about service done: CONSUMER PROTECTION ONTARIO (this will get their attention). Note that you don’t actually have to file a complaint just yet. Write the letter first and send it off, then wait to see if the company responds.

In your letter to the company, make sure you describe your intention to file a complaint with Consumer Protection Ontario and outline how much money you want back from them. Also give them a time limit to respond (I gave them 48 hrs but they responded the next day). Click here to read my letter.

The company will state that you must sign a waiver to get your money back which is basically a gag order for legal proceedings. You can try to insist that you won’t sign it until you get your money back but you won’t be successful. They will tell you that they you will receive a cheque within 15 business days once the waiver is signed. Insist that the money be put back on your credit card immediately after you give them the signed waiver. Here is where you need to take a huge leap of faith: You need to give them your credit card number again before they can process the refund. If you prefer, ask them for a mailed cheque, but you risk having to chase them down for it. I gave them my credit card number and received the refund immediately after sending them the signed waiver (yes, I called my bank right away and made sure that the funds had indeed been credited back to my card).

So there it is. It was 5 days of pure hell, but a lesson well learned. Never again will I let a service person into my house until I do some research on them.

Here are some questions I have left to ponder:

  1. How do the employees at this horrible company people sleep at night?
  2. How does VISA allow this company to fraudulently charge innocent people at a frighteningly frequent rate?
  3. How is this company allowed to exist?
  4. How do we shut this company down?

I welcome your comments below. Good luck with your efforts to get your money back if you are a victim. Please let me know how it turns out.

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Appliance Repair Guys Update

Update news about the Appliance Repair Guys.
– The Better Business Bureau was ignored by the Appliance Repair Guys.
– When trying to get a charge back from credit card company, it fell on deaf ears.
– The only thing they seem to be afraid of is the Consumer Protection Ontario Agency at

You have to file a complaint and jump through a bunch of hoops but in the end, I received a refund cheque.
It took a while.

Everybody, go and do the same. – Terrible Experience

Deceiving and fraudulent practice.

Site says “Same Day Appliance Repair Service”, but now 3 days and $300+ later I still don’t have anything fixed and no date when.

I have dishwasher with draining pump that stopped working. I agreed to $80 a visit that will be waived. Instead of giving me a quote for a draining pump, technician told me that dishwasher need a “complete diagnostic”. $280 + taxes. and 30 mins into “diagnostic” he told me that I need a new draining pump. I COULDN’T BELIEVE THE SC*AM – I called them and told that I need a new draining pump and I took me $300 and 30min for technician to tell me that I need a new draining pump.

The worst part – they don’t have parts, they need to order and don’t know when they have parts and my dishwasher fixed. it can take 2 days, 7 days, 14 days – no guarantee. When I said that I’m going to pay “diagnostic” bill only after my dishwasher if fixed, technician told me that in this case he will not give a quote, will not order a part, but just go to the office and pass my bill to the collection agency.

TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE. End of the story – technician left the house and told me he will call back in couple of hours to give me quote, as of today – 2 days later nobody called me, so I guess now I have to chase them …..but instead I’m taking a legal action against the company.

Highly unethical

Highly unethical. We were told over the phone that the service call would cost $80 not including parts. When the repairman arrived, he insisted he could not proceed without us agreeing to a $280 diagnostic, despite us being fairly confident that the heating coil was broken (a clearly visible defect). The final bill was well over $400, and as we had guessed, the heating coil was the only thing wrong with the dryer (and it was clearly snapped into two peices). As far as we can tell, Sears would have performed the same repair for about $200.

They also refuse to accept Visa or cheques, taking only Cash or Debit. I’d hazard this is because Visa provides some protections to its consumers, and they likely would be flooded with chargebacks. While they did fix the problem in the end, I would strongly recommend anyone with a broken appliance check yelp for a more trustworthy repairman.

Approximate cost of services:

Ben S. Toronto, ON


This was a brutal experience

This was a brutal experience. They required $80 to look at the dishwasher, and said that it was the supply line. They quoted $300 to refit the line to stop the leak. When this didn’t work, they quoted another $225.00 to get a line and replace it. This despite the fact that this is a standard line and costs $9.79 at Rona. I didn’t believe it was the line, and refused. Sure enough, visual examination of the leak proved that it was a valve. I fixed it myself in an afternoon, including the travel time to a supplier.

I complained to the company, and they stated that we had been fairly quoted, and that had we paid for the repair, there would have been a warrantee. She stated that $550.00 is a fair price to diagnose and replace a $10.00 hose, since they warrantee the repair. But when I cross-examined her, she admitted that there is no warrantee on labour. They would only have credited the ten dollar hose. We would have had to continue paying more labour while they again tried to diagnose. I can only estimate that the repair would have cost on the order of $900.00, if they had managed it at all. My recommendation is to use any company other than this one.

Approximate cost of services:

Mike M. Burlington, ON


Have just been scammed in the same way

Have just been scammed in the same way. Quoted over $450 for a $71 part. Didn’t even try and see what it was just a guess and if I had paid, I would have been in the same boat as so many other people who were scammed on your site. I should have read up on this company before. Oh well it is the last $90 they will get from me. Shame on you Appliance Guys. I didn’t have the money to waste on your BS. And my machine is still broken. I hope your work ethic catches up to you. And the “same day service” is a lie. It took them 4 days to arrive. Was told the part would take a week to order. I called the supplier and they had plenty in stock just around the corner.

Chose these guys at your peril and watch for the suspicious false positive posts.

Approximate cost of services:

Malcolm R. Burlington, ON


Mr. Repair Guys I hope it comes to bite you in the ass

Wow, who knew that a simple repair job to my stove oven would send me and my family in a tail spin! After calling these Appliance Repair Guys, (or more apropo, Appliance Repair Scammers) we were advised that the relay board had to be replaced at a cost of $681.70 and the $ 80.00 service call that was to be absorbed as part of the labour charges which now blossomed to a whopping $340.00. Also on the invoice provided was a notation: “Also need more parts”. The other parts were yet to be determined. The total so far was $1,154.52 and I was told to pay $769.36 up front as they did not stock the relay panel which was to be ordered.

I had a gut feeling about this company but ignored it till a few days later when the repairman called and advised that in order for the “new” relay control board to work, the old one had to be removed and linked blah, blah, blah, with the new one. I have NEVER heard of this B.S. before! I knew exactly what they wanted to do, that being, take out and refurbish the old board and charge it as new.

Well now I’m furious! My stove is Dacor, so I called the company and spoke with their customer service, they advised that the old board is not required when installing the new one. I was further advised that the cost of a new board is $323.21 and these boards are on backorder for at least 3 months plus. (I was charged $681.40, talk about a mark-up!)

Also a refurbished one cost $109.00. Simply put, they could not even purchase the control board if they wanted to.

In frustration, my husband contacted Visa and explained that we had been charged for parts and service which were never provided, and thankfully the Visa people are reversing the charges.

After this shock to my system I started googling information on this company, reading about one scam after another posted by innocent consumers. How sad!!! The Better Business Bureau had a warning on this company and a rating from A to F. Guess what their rating was? Yes, F!

What angers me most is, why there is no government body that looks into these shady companies that scam people and when it catches up to them they simply close down the business and re-open under a new name. This is what happened with Appliance Repair Guys as they were previously known as Appliance 4 Repairs which closed down in 2011 and re-opened as Appliance Repair Guys.

Oh why oh why didn’t I think of doing all this research back then, I guess it’s because honest people just don’t expect all this bru ha ha over a simple repair job.

The rating is 1 to 5 stars, where the hell is the zero!!!

I believe in KARMA and Mr. Repair Guys I hope it comes to bite you in the ass!!!

Approximate cost of services:

Maria V. Caledon, ON


Worst company ever!

Worst company ever! I was also quoted $80 and they charged me $320 to remove a coin out of the drain. Yes, it solved the draining issue, however they left me with a washing machine that now makes a god awful noise and they aren’t willing to come back and fix it even though they claim their work is warranted for 30 days! Complete bs that i forked out that kind of money and they aren’t even willing to come back and fix the problem they created and they’re trying to tell me I need a new pump now!


Approximate cost of services:

Alicia M. Burlington, ON



I agree with the other review – DO NOT USE THESE GUYS- for a different reason. Washer repair – I was charged $300+ – and the technician was unable to fix the problem. The real issue – when he put the machine back together – he did it incorrectly! And, that left my washing machine leaking. When I contacted the company to fix the issue created by their tech – they refused and wanted to charge me to fix it. DO NOT USE Appliance Repair Guys.

Now – where else can I post to warn other consumers about them?

Approximate cost of services:

Chris H. Toronto, ON


I reluctantly decided to go ahead

I called January 5 and got an appointment for January 8. I was told that it would be $80 for a service call but that would go towards any work that I chose to have done. I thought I had clarified the details of this arrangement on the phone prior to booking. However, it turns out that it costs $280 to have the technician even look at the appliance. I was pretty sure that the burner on my oven needed to be replaced and tried to get some idea of how much he would charge me if that was the case. He replied that sometimes they can fix things without getting a new part and would not tell me approximately how much it would be if I did need a new part.

So, I reluctantly decided to go ahead. (I wasn’t sure that someone else would save me more than the $80 it had cost just to have him show up.) Ten minutes and another $200 later, he tells me I need a new burner. Total bill: $725 ( I have a Kitchen Aid.)

He had to order the part which did not get installed until Mar.9. (I’m a stay-at-home mom with lots of availability. The delay was not on my end.)

Approximate cost of services:

Naomi S. Richmond Hill, ON