– Terrible Experience

Deceiving and fraudulent practice.

Site says “Same Day Appliance Repair Service”, but now 3 days and $300+ later I still don’t have anything fixed and no date when.

I have dishwasher with draining pump that stopped working. I agreed to $80 a visit that will be waived. Instead of giving me a quote for a draining pump, technician told me that dishwasher need a “complete diagnostic”. $280 + taxes. and 30 mins into “diagnostic” he told me that I need a new draining pump. I COULDN’T BELIEVE THE SC*AM – I called them and told that I need a new draining pump and I took me $300 and 30min for technician to tell me that I need a new draining pump.

The worst part – they don’t have parts, they need to order and don’t know when they have parts and my dishwasher fixed. it can take 2 days, 7 days, 14 days – no guarantee. When I said that I’m going to pay “diagnostic” bill only after my dishwasher if fixed, technician told me that in this case he will not give a quote, will not order a part, but just go to the office and pass my bill to the collection agency.

TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE. End of the story – technician left the house and told me he will call back in couple of hours to give me quote, as of today – 2 days later nobody called me, so I guess now I have to chase them …..but instead I’m taking a legal action against the company.